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Information in English

Certain things are extra important to us –such as cooperation, care and possibilities! We all have different plans in life, different dreams and different goals. We want to help you develop and learn each day – and we want you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Let us do this together!

Hagagymnasiet is an upper secondary school offering study programs in child care and leisure, science, social science and programs for students with special needs.

As we are only 600 students the school has a nice homely feel. Most faces will soon be familiar to you. When you arrive at school you will be greeted by an open atmosphere and areas to socialize, study and relax on each floor.

Computers are important tools in the learning process and today’s society. Therefore you will be given your own personal laptop. Combining reading, writing and math together with digital competence is important for further studies and careers. We will give you access to the best tools available in order to help you achieve your goals.

The transition into a knowledge society demands lifelong learning. People have different goals and thoughts about further studies and future occupations. At Hagagymnasiet we will give you the tools to form your own future.